Elaine J. Webster M.A., LMHC - Counseling and Psychotherapy
About Me
When I was 11 years old, I knew I wanted to be a therapist, even though I did not really know what a therapist was... 
I only knew I wanted to help people. 
I liked to listen and understand other's feelings and my own.    
I did not see this sensitivity as a  strength until many years later. 
I have come to understand empathy and the desire to listen deeply to others as a gift, a vocation and a privilege. 
I have learned a great deal about what truly helps people over the past 20 years from many wise therapists, researchers and clients. 
I attended Seattle University where I received my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in 1990.  
Since graduating, I have worked in community mental health and private practice in both urban and rural settings as an adult, child and family therapist, program manager and clinical supervisor.  I participate in ongoing professional trainings and consultations to stay current in the field of psychotherapy.
In addition to my paid work as a therapist, I volunteer as a clinical supervisor in a low fee psychotherapy clinic in Seattle.
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